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Image of Need You Tonight (A Loving on the Edge Novel)


Image of Need You Tonight (A Loving on the Edge Novel)

here’s nothing like an ugly duckling who grows up to be smooth and sexy to make you shiver, and Kade Vandergriff does just that. His take-charge, direct nature perfectly complements Tessa’s character, which is just the right mix of independent woman and eager-to-learn submissive. Readers may have a hard time believing Tessa’s inability to recognize her former schoolmate, but the chemistry between Kade and Tessa will have them quickly forgiving this hang-up. Bottom line, readers need to read Need You Tonight!

After Tessa McAllen catches her no-good, cheating husband with another woman, she decides enough is enough. Armed with nothing but a high school diploma, she’s determined to prove that she’s more than an ex-trophy wife and doesn’t need a man to make it in life. When Kade Vandergriff lays eyes on Tessa, he knows immediately that he has to have her. After persuading her to indulge in a night of passion with him, Kade soon realizes that just one night won’t be nearly enough. Kade is about to show Tessa that not all lessons can be taught in the classroom. (HEAT, Mar., 400 pp., $16.00)
Reviewed by: 
Spencer A. Freeman