Image of From Newlyweds?


Image of From Newlyweds?

FROM NEIGHBORS ... TO NEWLYWEDS? (4.5) by Brenda Harlen: Georgia Reed’s in danger of losing her heart to her hunky neighbor, who has stirred feelings that have been dormant since her husband’s death. But there are three little hearts on the line besides hers. Dr. Matt Garrett is a family man without the family until he moves right next door to a perfect fit — and it’s not only the beautiful mom he wants. Her three kids have also stolen his heart. Harlen’s heartwarming romance will get a big “aww” from readers. Her characters are charming but real, from the adorable kids to the sweet puppies. And the turned-on twosome rates big points for their between-the-sheets shenanigans.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt