Russ and Samantha quickly go from flirting and having fun to protecting themselves from an otherworldly invasion. This is great because readers get to see all sides of the characters — from happy to pragmatic and even more than a little scared, these are real people dealing with a completely improbable situation. The author makes the story work by concentrating on developing the flourishing relationship between the hero and heroine. When you pick up this e-book get ready for a wild ride and don’t be sad about having to say goodbye to Samantha and Russ. “Neon Chaos” has a delightful ending, one that leaves open the possibility for more stories set in this world — stories that this reviewer hopes can be written quickly!

It's close to the holidays in the year 2012 and Samantha Sanders is in Las Vegas celebrating her birthday with friends. But after they are separated in a busy casino, Sam finds someone else to keep her company, the delicious Russell Weaver. On leave from the Navy to visit his family, Russ isn’t looking to hook up, but he can’t say no to the slightly tipsy Sam who is delightfully carefree. During their interlude, Sam and Russ are so focused on each other that they fail to notice that the city is under attack. When they finally surface, both are shocked that the Mayan doomsday prophecy has actually come true. Hoping to find others that have survived the attack, the couple races from the destruction only to realize they are being followed by an alien spacecraft set on abducting them. With no help in sight, Russ uses his military training to try and protect Sam, but the more he learns about the aliens sent to take over the world, the more it looks like humans are truly doomed. (SAMHAIN PUBLISHING, November 2011, dl.)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne