Image of The Neon Graveyard (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 6)


Image of The Neon Graveyard (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 6)

The sixth title in the Sign of the Zodiac series, Neon Graveyard suffers from an unsuccessful attempt to appeal to readers both familiar and new. The author has made an obvious effort to get new readers up to speed, but it doesn’t work. Things are confusing and mostly seem shallow, particularly characters’ motivations, which are hazy at best. Compounding that problem is that the visual description also tends to be unclear, while transitions and action scenes are ambiguous and/or jumpy. A drawn-out, prolonged story rounds out this slow read.

Guided by the stars, opposing tribes Light and Shadow have been fighting to direct the course of mortal existence for eons. Joanna, former Light member and leader of the Grays (a tribe of former Lights and Shadows), sees problems with each. Pregnant, and with the evil leader of the Shadows and the crazy mistress of Midheaven both trying to kill her, Joanna must rescue her lover from Midheaven, keep her new teammates safe and find a way to destroy her seemingly immortal adversaries, all without her recently lost supernatural powers. (HARPERVOYAGER, Jun., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen