Just when Galen and Emma are ready to swim off into the sunset, secret histories and alliances threaten to blow them out of the water. Readers used to the heat between Galen and Emma may be disappointed to discover that they spend a large portion of the Syrena finale separated, but the action and danger will get hearts pounding in a different way.

Emma and Galen are off on a post-graduation road trip, but Antonis has set the destination — the small town of Neptune, where Syrena, humans and half-breeds live peacefully together on land. Now that their relationship is sanctioned, they have to seriously consider the logistics — something they have very different ideas about. Neptune further complicates things by offering Emma another option of where to live, and who to love — Reed, a hot half-breed who is more than interested. But not everyone in town is happy to see them, and the politics and maneuvering they thought they had put behind them are still violently raging. (FEIWELL & FRIENDS, May., 336 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9781250039606, HC, 13 & Up)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Rothschild