Following Never Before in her American Beauties Series, NEVER AGAIN continues the exhilarating adventures of yet another brash, bold, endearing and spirited American heiress who sets Gilded Age England on its ear.

Raine Montrand might delight the aristocracy as a debutante, but her secret life as a political satirist and cartoonist can ruin anyones career. When one of Raines caricatures casts suspicion on Gavin Sutherland, a respected member of Parliament, as a murder suspect, Raine decides to rectify the situation.

Under an assumed name, she gets a job as Gavins secretary. She discovers that Gavin lost everything: his reputation, his fiancie and his self-respect when he was compelled to resign.

Gavin unwillingly puts his fate in Raines hands. Though he has no idea where she came from or why, she is so willing to help him investigate the mystery, he trusts her.

Their inquiry leads them into danger, but the greatest peril comes from falling in love, because Raine wonders what will happen when Gavin discovers who she really is.

Raine is one of Ms. Powers liveliest and most irrepressible heroines. She immediately endears herself to readers, who will cheer her on in her efforts to help Gavin solve the mystery and reclaim his reputation. Exciting, dynamic and fun, NEVER AGAIN is a romance youll delight in reading again and again. SENSUAL (Nov., 303 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin