Image of Never Again: Wizards of Nevermore


Image of Never Again: Wizards of Nevermore

The consistently excellent Bardsley introduces a new world with the launch of her Wizards of Nevermore series. Bleaker in tone than her Broken Hearts series, this small town is the setting for dangerous magic and murder. The opening salvo in this edgy and sexy series provides more evidence of Bardsley’s supreme storytelling chops! Great stuff!

A deal with a demon lord centuries before gave the Rackmore family its wealth and power. However, a sudden, great reckoning 10 years ago caused the fortunes of all Rackmore descendants to disappear, leaving them at the mercy of a less-than-charitable Grand Court. At that time, Gray Calhoun of the House of Dragons was married to Kerren Rackmore, who in an attempt to keep her fortune, sacrificed him to the demon Kahl. Gray miraculously escaped from hell, but he did not come back alone. Kerren’s younger sister Lucinda Rackmore is now in dire straits, cursed by a ruthless former lover, her magic useless. As a last resort, Lucy approaches Gray, who lives in tiny Nevermore, Texas. Gray is not inclined to help, but they are soon tied together by magic, murder and an intense attraction. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Mar., 320 pp., $7.99)
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JIll M. Smith