Never Been to Me is by turns gut wrenching and heart warming. Gunn has done an amazing job bringing both Washington DC and Paris alive with the sights and sounds of the cities. However, heroine Persi lacks some of this richess in detail at the start of the story. But by its conclusion, Persi's character has gained the emotional depth and detailed nuances she was lacking. Additionally, Gunn’s supporting cast is so strong that readers will want the stories of all of Persi’s friends and family.

Business woman Persi has been with her high school crush, Brad, for the past five years – as “the other woman.” When she realizes that Brad will never leave his wife and children, Persi decides she needs a change of scenery. She heads Paris hoping that following her passion for creating perfume professionally will help her get her life back on track. Once there her platonic friendship with musician Nick develops into something deeper. But when Brad comes back into Persi’s life will she stay with her new guy or return to the man she always considered her one true love? (KENSINGTON, Sept., 228 pp., $14.95)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard