Image of Never Coming Home


Image of Never Coming Home

Wareham hits an impressive high in this dramatic debut that is, at once, a nerve-wracking thrill ride filled with deception, base emotion and death and a tempestuous love story. Each character is carefully wrought to best suit the twists and turns of the meticulously laid-out plot.

Kaz is devastated to learn her five-year-old daughter Jamie has died in a car wreck, but then security consultant and witness to the accident, Devlin, lets slip that it might not have been Jamie in the car after all. The mystery thickens when Kaz’s ex-husband is spotted in Italy, prompting the pair to head there from London to track him down. It’s a literal dead end when they find him dead of an apparent suicide, but there’s no sign of Jamie — until they discover a girl’s body on the property with matching DNA. Then Devlin’s partner disappears and their journey takes them in a new direction — with haunting memories from Dev’s past that tie in to the girl’s disappearance. (CHOC-LIT, Mar., 316 pp., $14.59)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown