Image of Never Cry Wolf


Image of Never Cry Wolf

Although Eden’s storytelling talent is somewhat overshadowed by a plethora of characters and too many plot twists, this is still an entertaining read. It should satisfy readers who have been anxious for Lucas’ story. Plenty of action and sexual heat will hold readers’ interest.

Sarah King, an undercover FBI agent with charmer skills, is on the run from pack leader Rafe and turns to alpha wolfshifter Lucas Simone for protection. Lucas’ profile indicates that he has not killed humans and stands up for victims. Lucas doesn’t know if he can trust Sarah, but he does know he wants her. Rafe is out to get Lucas for killing his father. Changing allegiances keep everyone guessing. Throw in a few demons, vampires and a voodoo priestess, and LA is a dangerous place. (BRAVA, Jul., 336 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan