Just try to read the 18th Jack Reacher adventure slowly — it can’t be done. The action and twists start early and don’t let up, plus there’s quite a bit of humor sprinkled amidst the mayhem. Child’s observations of the most minute aspects of modern life will have you nodding your head in amused agreement, and Reacher Creatures will love the glimpses into the lonely soul of Child’s hero.

When Jack Reacher travels to Virginia to meet “the voice on the phone” at the Army base that he used to run, the trouble starts. He just wanted to take Susan Turner, the new commanding officer, out to dinner. But she’s in jail, accused of embezzlement, and he’s reinstated and immediately accused of a murder he supposedly committed years ago. The charges against him and against Turner seem trumped up at best, but Reacher’s really thrown when he’s informed that he might be a father. He’s got to bust himself and Turner out of jail, clear both of their names and get to California, where there’s a teenage girl who might be his progeny. (DELACORTE, Sep., 397 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Liz French