When a client of Miss Emmaline Stanhopes Harmonious Matrimony service is run down by the Royal Mail under suspicious circumstances, Adrian St. Ledger, the Duke of Trent, is called upon to discover if Emmaline is guilty of murder and treason. So, he avails himself of her services under the guise of looking for a wife. Though she admires Adrians manly form Emmaline is cursed with an acerbic wit and iron control.

As Adrian is a scholar whom seems more interested in his fossils than in romance, Emmaline despairs of ever finding him a suitable wife. Her failure soon makes her begin to wonder if she should go back to reading fortunes for a living.

Emmaline decides Adrian needs lessons in the art of romancing a woman. He soon finds his orderly life has turned to chaos thanks to this beguiling creature.

Highly emotional, sensually provocative and written with delectable wit, NEVER KISS A DUKE will delight Ms. Putmans legions of fans. SENSUAL (Jul., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond