Image of Never Kiss a Stranger


Image of Never Kiss a Stranger

In the first in the Foxe Sisters trilogy, Grothaus introduces readers to a trio of empowered sisters who fit into their time period, yet appeal to modern readers. The spirited storyline, humor and sensuality provide interest, color and depth to a charming romance.

Lady Alys, youngest of the Foxe sisters, finds trouble wherever she goes. Her rash words send her fleeing her sister’s wrath. She runs straight to the Foxe Ring on the night of the full moon. Escaping his attackers, Piers Mallory wanders into the ring unaware of the legend claiming he is wed to the maiden he meets. Bound to Piers, Alys vows to help him in his quest to uncover his heritage. Traveling is the most excitement she has ever had and the most trouble Piers has ever encountered. Nothing phases her. She assumes each new danger is simply a wild new adventure: she dresses as a boy, tells tall tales, charms strangers and delights the “wood people.” She even gives her playful monkey free rein. Alys trusts Piers with her life and will do whatever she must to help uncover the truth of Piers’ parentage. It is their blossoming love that gives him the strength to fulfill his destiny. (ZEBRA, Mar., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin