The moment traveling preacher's daughter Mary Sheppard sees a vision of her twin sister, Josephine, crying out for help, she knows she must travel to London and answer her sister's plea.

Josephine, accused of shooting her protector, Cyril Brentwood, is missing and Cyril's brother, the arrogant Adam Brentwood, the Duke of St. Chaldon, has vowed to see her hang for her crime. But Josephine has vanished.

When Adam accosts Mary in Josephine's apartments, he proposes she pose as her sister to unmask the killer. However, while Adam coaches the naive Mary in the arts of a courtesan and the rules of the ton, he begins to fall in love with the scripture-quoting innocent and Mary finds herself captivated by the wicked duke.

Following Mary's visions, Adam and Mary find themselves caught in a sinister trap where their lives and their love are at stake.

With style and panache, Barbara Dawson Smith brings readers a wondrous romance that is at once poignant and humorous, tender and touching-a keeper to savor time and again. SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin