Image of The Never List


Image of The Never List

Zan’s debut novel is shocking and disturbing. The intense psychological thriller combines a horrifying plot, well-developed characters, thought-provoking psychoanalysis and some great phrasing. Read it if you dare.

After suffering an early tragedy, Sarah and Jennifer — best friends for life — develop a “never list” of what to avoid to stay safe. This serves them well until one night at college when they get into a car and are abducted. They wake up in a stark cellar already inhabited by two others. The four girls endure years of captivity, and only three eventually emerge. Ten years later, when their captor is up for parole, Sarah starts piecing together clues of something much bigger going on, and others may still be in danger. (PAMELA DORMAN, Jul., 303 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan