When she returns from an eastern boarding school, Emma Malloy is a stunning, intelligent, head-strong woman with a rapier-sharp tongue. She discovers that things on her father's ranch have not changed in the time she's been gone, except that the feud with the Garrettsons, has heated up.

Fuel is added to the ancient feud when Beau Garrettson is found murdered, shot in the back, on Malloy land. Despite everything, Tucker Garrettson cannot help but be attracted to Emma. Their childhood pranks and antagonistic friendship easily become something very dangerous to Emma's heart.

A bank robbery, cattle poisoning and an ambush throw Emma and Tucker together time and again. The memory of a long ago kiss convinces them to end their private feud, once and for all, by making love. But they soon discover that once is never enough; somehow they must find a way to unmask a devious killer and end the feud.

Few authors have a command of the West like Jill Gregory. Combining grit, sensuality and a cleverly plotted mystery takes talent. But adding a true feeling of the era and the setting is a gift. Jill Gregory has that gift and we are lucky to have her share it with us. Enjoy NEVER LOVE A COWBOY: a western, a suspenseful mystery and a good book. Enjoy this read. SENSUAL (July, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin