Image of Never Love a Lord (Foxe Sisters Trilogy, Book 3)


Image of Never Love a Lord (Foxe Sisters Trilogy, Book 3)

Readers waiting for the third in Grothaus’ Foxe Sisters series will not be disappointed. More emotional and complex, this installment showcases Grothaus’ talent for depth of characterization as she delves into a woman’s heart and soul and uncovers how far her heroine will go for loyalty, love and honor. The multilayered plat will grip readers from start to finish.

It will take more than Julian Griffin and King Edward’s will to remove Lady Sybilla Foxe from Fallstowe, the castle she protects. When they meet, Julian is struck by Sybilla’s ethereal beauty, inner strength and underlying passion. He knows much about the lady and her family secrets, but he still has to prove she is a traitor. Julian begins falling under the spell of Fallstowe and Sybilla after standing in the moonlit stone circle. Sybilla cannot deny her desire for Julian, or her fascination with his infant daughter. As their passion brings them together, their love and the truth are all they have as weapons against their monarch’s anger. (ZEBRA, Jan., 346 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin