Kit Montgomery carries a heavy burden from the past; a weight that has him running from England to the Texas wilderness in hopes he can bury his tormentthen his friend asks him to marry his sister, Ashton Robinson.

Lovely, sweet Ashton has long been in love with dashing Kit. When a terminal illness shatters all hopes for a future, her brother makes an outrageous proposal. Kit will marry Ashton, giving her the memory of a beautiful wedding and a man to cherish before she dies.

Kit knows this will be a marriage in name only, yet Ashton helps him ease his pain and to look at life in a new light. Perhaps, just perhaps there can be a chance for happiness for them both, for when two people love one another, nothing is impossible.

Lorraine Heath writes Americana romance with a deep and powerful emotional intensity and a strong storyline that truly captures the essence of the people and places she holds dear. NEVER MARRY A COWBOY is a stunning example of the very best in Western romance as Ms. Heaths three-dimensional characters and their moving love story stir something deep within readers souls. No one will be immune to the power of her storytelling or the dramatic effect of her prose. This is one for the keeper shelf. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin