Image of Never Marry a Stranger (Sons of Scandal)


Image of Never Marry a Stranger (Sons of Scandal)

What sets Callen's latest apart from the usual "hero returns to find himself married to a poser" romances are the intelligent, likable characters who don't fall into the trap of foolish misunderstandings. They think their way through the situation as their love grows. That's why Callen is deservedly such a favorite.

After being wounded in India and presumed dead, Captain Matthew Leland makes a miraculous recovery and returns home to discover his "wife" happily ensconced with his family.

Intending to unearth the reason why Emily Grey, a woman he met once, would take advantage of the Lelands, he plays along with her charade. He quickly realizes she is sweet, caring, witty, beautiful, and surprisingly honest -- in other words, a perfect wife. They begin to desire a true marriage, but Emily's ruthless enemy is attempting to blackmail her, forcing her to steal from Matthew. Together they intend to destroy the culprit and marry so no one knows the better. But will they wed before ruin strikes? (AVON, Sep., 380 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin