Image of Never Romance a Rake


Image of Never Romance a Rake

The third in Carlyle's enticing series is also the most compelling. This intensely emotional, powerful, clever and unforgettable story makes you think and feel as you sigh with satisfaction.

Baron Rothewell fits in far better with the demimonde than the ton. His cynicism and recklessness make him the ideal man to agree to the Comte de Valigny's outrageous wager: his beautiful daughter for a turn of the cards.

Abandoned by her father until her beauty made her his most valuable possession, Camille Marchand trusts no one. When Kieran wins her, she sees him as the means to flee a life she despises.

Camille is reluctantly drawn to Kieran, and though a reputed rogue, he treats her with tenderness. She sees the dark and deep desires that are in his heart, because they match her own, and she won't fall in with the Comte's plans to harm him.

Trust and love grow hand in hand as Camille and Kieran decide to take a gamble on their love and uncover the truth in Camille's past. (Pocket, Aug., 400 pp., $7.99)
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Kathe Robin