Jo-Ann Power beautifully captures the aura, the color, the customs and the mores of the Gilded Age in her powerful stories of the American beauties who take England by storm. In this final volume, she tells of the youngest heiress, Augusta VanderHorn.

Augusta (Gus) thought her sister Colleen had caused enough of a scandal when her husband, Lord Bryce Falconer, divorced her for adultery. She now finds herself once more enmeshed in notoriety when Colleen kidnaps her son, holding him for ransom to help her new lover, an Irish rebel.

Bryce has nowhere to turn but to Gus when he discovers Colleens deceit. Though always the little sister, she was also always someone he could trust with his problems.

Gus has secretly been in love with Bryce for years and that, along with her deep concern for her nephews safety, moves her to accompany him in pursuing Colleen.

Thrust together on a wild journey, Bryce discovers that his little sister-in-law is not little anymore, and it is her inner strength that helps restore his faith in love. But the law forbids their marriage and only by going to a new world can they find happiness.

Ms. Power brings her series to a close with a memorable story of a forbidden, redeeming love that will have readers cheering and sighing with happiness. This is the perfect ending for a memorable trilogy. SENSUAL (June, 366 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin