Book Review

by Victoria Christopher Murray

Genre: Mainstream, Multicultural

2013 Multicultural Fiction Nominee

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Never Say Never is a testament to the magnificence of Murray’s storytelling gift! You’ll be amazed to feel sympathy and understanding for the heroine, even when she betrays her best friend. Each character’s thoughts, desires and feelings are explored in such a way that the reader can identify and empathize with each one. The author creates a surprisingly satisfying ending for each of the characters, even when their “sin” seems unforgivable.

When she hears there’s been a death among the firefighters in her husband Chauncey’s unit, Miriam is totally prepared to support her best friend, Emily. Chauncey and his best friend, Jamal, fought fires side by side and the two couples were the best of friends. Then, Miriam learns that she is the widow, left to rear three sons alone. As she and Jamal are left to comfort each other and grieve alone, while Emily is busy using her counseling skills to work with the young victims of the devastating fire, they find themselves crossing the line and having a torrid affair. Miriam believes she’s in love with her best friend, but Jamal sees it for what it is: two friends comforting one another in an inappropriate way. When their true relationship is revealed it threatens the happiness of everyone involved. (Touchstone, Jun., 384 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed By: Debbie R. Sims


Published: June 2013

Reader Rating

4 Stars

Average Rating: 4 Stars
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