Image of Never Seduce A Scoundrel


Image of Never Seduce A Scoundrel

Reinforcing her reputation for unique storytelling that is full of humor, suspense and pure romance, Grothaus wins readers’ hearts with depth of characterization and deeply felt emotions. The fast-moving plot makes this hard to put down.

Cecily Foxe believes she is destined to spend her life in an abbey, yet she is unable to take her final vows. The once unrepentant Lord Oliver Bellecote has just inherited his title and estates. He has given up his life of womanizing and is taking his responsibilities seriously. Cecily saves his life after he sustains a fall. During their night in the abandoned ruin where they take refuge, Cecily’s unexpected feeling leads to his seduction. Later rescued, Cecily is designated as his nurse. Their long discussions and closeness inflames their desire. While Cecily is afraid to accept her passion, events threatening her family force her to make her life’s most important decision. (ZEBRA, Mar., 380 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin