Image of Never Too Much


Image of Never Too Much

Ben Baldwin needs a challenge. When Sierra Murphy moves in next door, Ben is definitely challenged by her earthy womanliness as well as her restraint and her independence. Her heavy boots and coveralls serve only to tantalize him and drive him wild. He sets out to seduce her—all of her, not just her body.

When a bad storm makes her place uninhabitable, Ben extends his hospitality and offers his bed. Sierra is shocked by her body's awareness of Ben. Her desires are awakened by his very nearness, and she can't resist his playful flirtations. Ben is every woman's dream lover—sexy and thoughtful, playful and protective, tender and straight-talking. She agrees to spend this one night with him—and nothing more.

Ms. Foster pens a memorable story of two lovers whose passion for one another helps to forge a bond of deep trust and friendship and heal the hidden wounds of past hurts. The characters leap off the page and the secondary romance is a bonus! Although not erotic romance, this delightful tale will warm your heart and leave you smiling as love triumphs once again. (Oct., 281 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Whitesel