Image of Never Trust a Scoundrel (Sons of Scandal)


Image of Never Trust a Scoundrel (Sons of Scandal)

Callen begins the Sons of Scandal series with the luscious tale of a rogue whose desire to become respectable brings about intriguing consequences. As always she creates an original plot, three-dimensional characters and a love story to make your heart skip a beat.

Daniel Throckmorten, the scion of a scandalous family and a reputed rake, wins Miss Grace Banbury from her mother in a card game.

Grace is shocked; her mother has never done anything so outlandish! But Daniel isn't so ruthless as to force a woman into his bed. He agrees to Grace's wager: He will seduce her, and all she has to do is resist his charm and sensual pursuit. Grace believes she'll easily win her freedom, while Daniel plots to win her heart and her body. Tempting kisses, caresses and the promise of pleasure are all part of a game that can only lead to love. (Avon, Apr., 380 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin