A parent’s worst nightmare unfurls when four children board a bus for camp, only to be the victims of ruthless kidnappers. Never Wave Goodbye is a fast-paced, heart-twisting tale that shows how a family can crumble under the strain of the worst day of their lives.

Having placed her daughter Sarah on the bus for overnight camp, Lena Trainor plans to spend the next two weeks working on her marriage. But when another bus — the real bus from camp — shows up, the Trainors and the families of three other children are thrown into a nightmare. Within hours, a ransom demand is received that throws suspicion on the parents of two of the children. Alternately turning on each other and offering support, the parents have no way of knowing that a stroke has killed one of the kidnappers, leaving the children at the mercy of the elements, with no way of finding their way home. They turn to each other for survival while their parents frantically search for answers. (Touchstone, Jun., 352 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper