Image of New Blood (Blood Magic)


Image of New Blood (Blood Magic)

Dayton returns with a vibrant alternate-reality tale of lost magic and violent prejudice in which both protagonists have been used, abused and emotionally damaged. Set in a magically imbued Europe of 1836, this is a unique story that has elements of mystery, magic and danger, but it's the evolving love story that gives this book its power!

For 200 years, since the death of his master, blood servant Jax has been searching Europe for the next blood sorceress. At last he finds her in a corner of the Austrian Empire. Since the murder of her family, Amanusa has been fighting for survival by using her healing magic in a bargain with a local revolutionary. Jax's insistence that she's a blood sorceress terrifies Amanusa, for the legends regarding sorceresses are dark indeed.

War and revolution are not the only things troubling Europe. Mysterious dead zones devoid of all magic and life have been popping up. With the Inquisition chasing them, Amanusa and Jax travel to Paris to consult with the Magician's Council. Surviving the trials ahead will take extraordinary trust. (TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Mar., 500 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith