Image of The New Hope Cafe


Image of The New Hope Cafe
THE NEW HOPE CAFE (4) by Dawn Atkins: On the run from her abusive ex-husband Barrett, who is about to be released from prison, Cara Price and her young daughter, Beth Ann, end up stranded in a town called New Hope, where Cara is forced to take a job at The Comfort Cafe in order to earn enough money to fix her car. Working with Jonah Gold, nephew of the café’s owner, Rosie, means a lot of time spent in close proximity to the sexy cook — and Jonah figures out, quickly, that Cara’s hiding something. While the two have very little time to build a relationship, it’s Jonah who helps rescue Cara and Beth Ann when Cara’s ex shows up and kidnaps them both. The presence of Cara’s abusive ex-husband adds a dose of tension to this well-written tale about finding love when you least expect it.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay