This complex and riveting story by Gracie McKeever gives readers food for thought. She takes a young black man, has him gunned down in a supposed gang-related killing in front of his girlfriend, and then has him come back from the dead in the body of a married, rich, spoiled young white woman who had lapsed into a coma due to an aneurysm.

Kelly Butler, who had been a practicing Wiccan when he was alive, now has to figure out why he was sent back. As Dagny Diaz, Kelly is married to a cop and that cops mother is a famous Wiccan priestess. Luckily, she helps Kelly come to terms with and discover the reason for his fate.

I enjoyed reading this thought-provoking new age book. I especially enjoyed the good insight Gracie McKeever gave into the Wiccan religion. ($5.00 dl, $5.50 dk.)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell