Image of New York to Dallas (In Death, No. 33)


Image of New York to Dallas (In Death, No. 33)

The always awesome Robb shakes up her long-running series and places her gutsy heroine Lt. Eve Dallas on a collision course with the past. Readers learn about the case that brought Eve and Feeney together while Eve battles a monster. Hang on tight, for Eve is about to face childhood nightmares that cut deeper and closer than she ever dreamed. Outstanding!

Right before the ceremony honoring Peabody and Eve for taking down a corrupt cop, Eve learns that pedophile Isaac McQueen has escaped from Rikers. Twelve years ago, rookie cop Eve captured McQueen and freed his child captives. Now he is vowing vengeance and starts by taking Melinda Jones, one of his former victims, hostage. Eve and Roarke travel to Dallas to work with Melinda’s sister Bree, a Dallas cop who was also held captive by McQueen. When another young girl goes missing, Eve knows that McQueen just upped the ante. (PUTNAM, Sep., 416 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith