Two people want the same ranch, and the owner, who only wants to sell to a married couple, decides they're perfect. The only problem is they aren't married, but they will do anything to get the ranch. Bonnie K. Winn moves from Historicals to Series romance this month with THE NEWLYWED GAME (4), a fun-and-frolic book with wonderful touches of warmth.

Known for her wonderful advice on BRINGING UP BABY (3), a young writer is stuck when two of her readers bequeath their six month old to her, and an interviewer wants to meet with her and her husband who doesn't exist. A handsome carpenter could be the answer to her prayers. Charlotte Douglas delivers smiles with this enjoyable read.

Debbi Rawlins returns this month with the story of a flamboyant twin's attempt to help her sister by taking her place on a cattle drive. The man in charge of the drive will have to figure out what to do with the woman's spoiled ideas and all her luggage in THE OUTLAW AND THE CITY SLICKER (3), a light and entertaining story.

Unable to fight the temptation, a bridal shop employee tries on a very valuable dress and looks in the mirror only to see a man's image beside her own. Things are even spookier when minutes later she meets the man, and the two become enmeshed in a series of very bizarre happenings. Karen Toller Whittenburg will charm readers with MILLION-DOLLAR BRIDE (2) though some might find it convoluted.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson