Image of The Next Best Thing (Hqn)


Image of The Next Best Thing (Hqn)

Here's a genuinely entertaining and satisfying romance with a decidedly delicious hero. It's rich with characters, traditions and scenarios that feel so real you'll be torn between laughing and crying. Higgins is a master at weaving sweet stories that warm your heart and this really is her next best thing.

Lucy Lang comes from a long line of widows; it seems to be a family tradition. After years of warming the sheets with her dead husband's brother, Ethan, she decides it's time to put herself back on the market. After all, she's still young, and a husband and family would be nice. Now if only she could find a man that met all her criteria. She can't be attracted to him or fall in love with him either. She's had her heart broken once and doesn't think she can live through that again.

Ethan has been in love with Lucy since he first saw her. That she married his brother hasn't deterred him, but when she breaks things off to go find a husband, he's not sure he can take any more rejection. Can he risk his heart one more time and show Lucy that what she wants is right in front of her -- and has been all the time? (HQN, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton