Superstars Avery Cooper and Dayle Sutton are going to be making a movie about powerhouse attorney Sean Olson and the case where she successfully defended a man who killed a gay basher. Although threats have been made against them for tackling the subject, Cooper and Sutton, with the real-life Olson as technical advisor, are going on with their plans.

When a man is killed on Coopers property, evidence seems to show that he must be the killer. Cooper hires Sean to defend him and she gladly takes the case, knowing that he, a peace-loving man, simply cannot be responsible for such a crime.

What none of them realize is that the two stars have been targeted by a hate group that has been killing people who practice different lifestyles, or dont live by the groups code of ethics. As Sean builds her defense, she uncovers a pattern concerning recent Hollywood deaths. But as she does so, she comes under the groups scrutiny, putting herself in dire jeopardy.

Topical and suspenseful, THE NEXT TO DIE is a powerful book that explores the depths that hate groups will go to. The twisting storyline is a riveting one that gives plenty of food for thought. (May, 416 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg