Image of Next to Die (Navy SEALs, Book 4)


Image of Next to Die (Navy SEALs, Book 4)

Continuing her hot streak, Melton adds another chapter to her ongoing SEAL Team saga with Joe Montgomery's story. Besides pouring on not one romance but two, as well as gritty thrills, this complex novel also deals with the issue of survivor's guilt. Melton is rapidly proving herself a major player in the genre.

Being the only survivor of a horrible battle in Afghanistan has left Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Joe Montgomery wounded in both body and soul. Despite his efforts to withdraw emotionally, Joe's neighbor, Navy therapist Penny Price, refuses to let him. When Penny starts getting threatening phone calls, she and her sister Ophelia are glad of Joe's presence. Their father was murdered several years ago, and only recently did the sisters find evidence that links their father's partner to stolen goods and murder. Although the FBI is investigating, they have no proof, and Joe fears that Penny and her sister may be sitting ducks. (WARNER, Aug., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith