Lief is back with the follow-up to last month’s You Are Next featuring ex-cop Karin Schaeffer. The author once again puts her heroine through the emotional wringer as she attempts to rebuild her life. Lies, deceit and undercover operations give this intense tale plenty of twists and turns. Lief has quite the interesting way with plot and character!

Having survived her second run-in with a serial killer, ex-detective Karin Schaeffer has now married her former partner Mac and given birth to a baby boy, Ben. Their happy new life is suddenly shattered by the brutal murder of Mac’s parents. Then Mac disappears and Karin is left wondering if he is alive or dead. After months without word and the discovery of his car in Long Island Sound, the police have written Mac off as dead. Karin hires a private detective. A picture that might be of Mac leads Karin to Florida and the dangerous world of the drug cartels. If Mac is alive, where is he and what is he mixed up in? (AVON, Nov., 300 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith