The characters in this book are fantastic — damaged and alone, they really need each other. Watching them fight the attraction they feel is so entertaining. The plot can be a bit depressing at times, as we learn about the atrocities in Winnie's past. As Winnie and Nicholas fall in love they stomp through whore houses, mansions and hat shops, demanding answers as they pretend to be married. The biggest complaint is that this delightful sorry ended too quickly. This reviewer hopes to see glimpses of Winnie and Nicholas in future books.

After a brief-yet-intense first meeting, curmudgeon Nicholas Graham can't stop thinking about Winnie Watson. Having survived an extremely abusive childhood, Winnie has taught herself to be completely independent. But when she meets Nicholas she starts to change — he makes her long for things she thought she could never have. As they embark on a journey to correct a great wrong they will find danger, excitement and love. (SELF-PUBLISHED, dl., $3.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak