With the struggle between good and evil and the uplifting thought that second chances exist, Casey Claybourne spins a poignant, at times humorous, and delightful Regency time travel with original touches and wonderfully warm characters.

When hard-boiled San Francisco cop Nick DeCosta has a car accident in England, he is given a second chance and swept through time into the body of Godfrey Woodbaine.

In 1810 on the Dover Coast, Anna finds her husband lying injured in the road and considers leaving him to die. He's abusive spendthrift, a ruthless husband, and she would be better off without him. But, reluctantly Anna brings him home to heal.

As he awakens Nick is struck by his surroundings and the lovely woman beside him. With his brash 20th-century manners and vocabulary, Nick tries to learn to fit in where he is. He's stunned that his soul is in the body of another man, especially one whose good looks hid a brutal heart.

When Nick sees how frightened Anna is of him, he knows that he must somehow free her from the fear and suspicion that touch her sweet heart.

Anna finds that Godfrey is a changed man. His gentleness to her eccentric Aunt Beverly and her menagerie of animals is a welcome surprise, but the new feelings he awakens in her are shocking and wonderful.

Nick has six weeks to change Anna's life, during which he falls in love. But Godfrey inhabits Nick's body in the present and fights to return to destroy all that Nick has done for Anna.

(Dec., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin