Culberson's book will make you want to stand up and shout, "Finally, someone understands!" She reaches into the souls of her readers and pulls out the truth of who we all are. It seems as if Culberson has heard the cries of every woman who has suffered from heartbreak and made that age-old promise that it would never happen again. She exposes the fear of being hurt emotionally and gives hope to women that love can happen again. The situations and scenarios of this exhilarating book offer solace to readers.

Newly divorced Fiona Daniels is a beautiful, powerful woman with style, strength and power. She's a drummer who marches to her own beat, and she's made a vow never to love again. She's even come up with rules to help -- "Fiona's Five Principles for Not Falling in Love."

While grabbing her single life by the horns, Fiona meets Nick Nathaniel, a successful, handsome restaurateur with lots of style. When he and Fiona have a one-night stand, the evening turns into more than either can handle. With deceit, betrayal and attempted murder in the mix, Nick and Fiona have a decision to make. But will that decision be something that they both can live with? (Dafina, Dec., 208 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Danielle Brown