Nicola, an orphan, has been blown about like a thistle in the wind. In order to attend school, she stays with various classmates during the year. When she turns 16, however, and prepares to begin her season in London, she is taken in by the kindly Lord Farrelly and his family.

Nicola has become a beautiful, intelligent and fashionable young woman. She is quickly befriended by the lord's children, Lady Honoria and Lord Sebastian. In fact, she falls for the dashing Lord Sebastian, a viscount, and much to her joy, he proposes.

Taking time out from her whirlwind of social events, she shares her happy news with her friend Eleanor Sheridan and Eleanor's annoying brother Nathaniel. Everyone is overjoyed with the news of Nicola's engagement—everyone except Nathaniel. He seems to see past Lord Sebastian's charms, while Nicola, blinded by love, doesn't see clearly until it is too late.

Although the beginning was slow and hard to follow, I generally enjoyed this book. The lead character is a fantastic role model for young adults. I recommend this book to those seeking a historical, yet still empowering novel. SWEET (Aug., 254 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Ali DeGray