Image of Into the Night


Image of Into the Night

This first entry into a new series is sure to garner a devoted following. Members of The Reliance Group are introduced well and there are obviously some secrets to be uncovered about each and every one. First up is Nathan Fox. Hold on tight, this one’s a page-turner!

Nathan Fox is assigned the task of returning a runaway girl, Angela, to her family. Shadows from his past as an undercover cop have haunted him for years and this may be his chance to forgive himself. Nathan is determined to stop Preston Sloane, the pervert who’s keeping Angela on his estate. Before Nathan begins the case though, he has a one-night stand with Nicole Hutton, a reporter who winds up in the middle of his case. Nicole has her own reasons for stopping Sloane and as they dig deeper, they discover that Sloane is just the tip of an evil iceberg. (ST. MARTIN’S, Apr., 340 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins