Quinn pens another winner! The second in her Smythe-Smith Quartet is witty, wicked and wonderful! The characters are lovable and worth rooting for. Plus, the constant drama, hysterics, action, laughter and suspense will keep readers glued to their seats until the final embrace.

Anne Wynter, a governess with a dark past, is determined to be inconspicuous. She unwittingly captures the attention of the scandalous Daniel Smythe-Smith, Earl of Winstead. The earl is back from a three-year exile, after almost killing a friend in a drunken duel. He has learned to be on guard with everyone, except Anne. Their friendship brings them joy. When mysterious accidents occur, David believes it’s his past come to take revenge — only to realize, almost too late, that Anne’s past has caught up to them. (AVON, Jun., 384 pp, $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer