Eager to escape a family scandal, Margaret Gleason turns to the Happily Ever After Company to find a job, not a husband. They place her in a teaching position in California, where she meets bounty hunter Alex Corbin.

Margaret does her best to avoid Alex; though living in the same boarding house as the hunter means she has to confront him frequently. Every time she goes to the library to find a book, he seems to be there, mocking her in a way that both frightens and intrigues her. But in his own way, Alex is watching out for the naive new teacher. His hunter's instincts tell him there is more to her then meets the eye.

Then Margaret begins to get strange "love notes." At first, she thinks they are coming from a student; as they become more menacing, she turns to Alex for help and the passion that has been simmering beneath the surface is unleashed.

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT has a much darker edge than the other books in the light and humorous Happily Ever After Co. series. The poignant overtones created by both characters' tragic pasts allow Ms. Donovan to explore deep emotions and though she does this well, I missed the touches of sweet humor that were so much a part of her style. SENSUAL (Mar., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin