Image of Night Betrayed: Envy Chronicles Book 4


Image of Night Betrayed: Envy Chronicles Book 4

Ware returns to her post-apocalyptic world with the newest installment in her series that follows the exploits of the survivors of the Change. The focus of this chapter is Theo Waxnicki, who survived the Change but inexplicably stopped aging. Ware’s heroine has an amazing capacity for compassion against overwhelming sadness and death, which buoys the emotional quotient of the story. Ware’s world is both exciting and devastating!

Since her miraculous birth during the Change, Selena has been special. Called the Death Lady by everyone, Selena sees death approaching for the sick and injured, and has the ability to ease the dying’s transition. When a new stranger is brought to her, Selena can see the ghostly cloud that signals imminent death. But once he dies, she hears a voice that tells her to touch her mysterious crystal to his body, causing him to suddenly revive. Having been shot, his body lost by his friends, Theo recovers from death in Selena’s care. Theo realizes the compound where Selena lives may provide significant clues regarding the horrific plot that destroyed the world. (AVON, Feb., 384 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith