Life has not gotten any easier for half-human/ half-Aneira Kit Colbana in the second installment of Daniels’ (aka Shiloh Walker) kick-ass-and-take-names Colbana Files. Kit’s struggles take on a truly dark edge in this haunting novel as she embarks on a nearly impossible task. If you like your urban fantasy filled with damaged characters as well as loads of high-stakes action and thrills, look no further: This is the series for you!

Unfortunately for Kit, the two newest jobs taken on by Colbana Investigations are both more trouble than they are worth. The first involves werewolf politics, the second is a killer … literally. Someone is killing members of the Council — and Kit’s lover, alpha cat Damon, is the prime suspect. If Kit can’t clear his name, Damon will undoubtedly receive a death sentence. To make matters worse, Kit is not allowed to tell Damon he is under suspicion. (SHILOHWALKER.COM, dl $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith