Image of Night is Darkest


Image of Night is Darkest

This irresistibly sexy, character-driven tale will delight. The main storyline is dedicated to an unfolding ménage relationship between two strong males and a sexy, feisty female. The suspense subplot will keep readers guessing until the final pages. Love scenes are hot and plentiful and feature m/m and m/m/f interaction.

An ordinary night after work becomes a nightmare for Lacey Daughtry when she is informed that her police officer brother has been murdered. She is grateful for the support from her brother’s best friends, and fellow police officers, Mason Clark and Tyler Lambert. Mason and Tyler’s promise to take care of Lacey is sorely tested when the attraction between them intensifies. However, when Lacey is threatened, her protectors decide that life is too short to keep her at a distance. But will their lives and new relationship survive the exposure of closely kept secrets? (SAMHAIN, Sep., 264 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Keitha Hart