This Top Pick in hardcover comes to paperback release!Ms. Carroll has a gift more powerful than that of the St. Legers: the ability to bring joy and true peace to her readers. Her magical romances gives life to remarkable characters and superb stories, but also to the idea that hope and faith prevail.

Continuing the remarkable St. Leger saga, a wondrous story of one of Anatole and Madeline's twin sons, whose ability to move out of his body and drift through time and space gets him into difficulty.

Lancelot St. Leger views the legacy of his paranormal gift with disdain. A restless young man, quite unlike his quiet twin, Valentine, he seeks adventure and that is how he comes to lose the fabled St. Leger sword. Lance must resort to night drifting to search out the thief. While doing so, he comes upon Rosalind who mistakes him for Sir Lancelot's ghost.

When Rosalind found the fabulous sword she had no idea who its owner was. Now shes sure that it belongs to her ghostly visitor and that she must keep it safe for him.

In the daylight, Rosalind is introduced to Lance by the family bride finder. Though each denies they are destined for one another Rosalind is attracted to the very real, teasing, sensual, charming rogue as much as he is drawn to her.

Lance begins wooing Rosalind and finds his alter-ego, Sir Lancelot, is his rival. How can a flesh-and-blood man compete with the perfect hero, even if he is a ghost?

(Feb., 336 pp., $6.99 — Hardcover released June, 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin