Byrony Wentworth has been transported to the penal colony in New South Wales for manslaughter. Underneath the filth, despair and grief for her dead infant is a woman of refinement, with a past of privilege and happiness that was shattered the day of her husband's death.

Though her life might be in tatters, her spirit is not, and Byrony finds the will to fight the man who takes her from prison, Captain Hayden St. John.

His wife's death has left Hayden with an infant son and no mother or mother's milk. He needs Byrony to save his child and though she might despise the man she can never hate his son.

On the trek to Hayden's farm, Byrony learns how strong she can be and what kind of a man she has been given to as an indentured servant. Though his bitterness matches her own, there is a dark and hidden passion beneath the surface that awakens an answering need in Byrony.

Their raging emotions fuel their battle of wills, but nothing prepares them for the deep desires they unleash within one another. Like the lush, provocative land, their growing love is sweeping, glorious and powerful, but is it strong enough to withstand Byrony's past that returns with a vengeance to threaten her newfound joy?

Candice Proctor (who is Penelope Williamson's sister!) brings a refreshing new voice to a tale of love and a battle of wills that's as old as time. There is great power in her writing and strong characterization, masterful storytelling and sensuality all add spice to her inborn talent. Candice Proctor is a shining new star on the rise! SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin