Image of Night Hawk


Image of Night Hawk

As always, Jenkins writes an action-packed western that is so much more. Every chapter brims over with fascinating historical detail. Her lightning-quick plot is filled with marvelous, unforgettable characters. Though her heroes are wonderfully tough and tender men, her sassy-mouthed, strong heroines win the day and readers’ admiration.

U.S. Marshal and bounty hunter Ian Vance, aka Preacher, has made his way from Scotland to the American West where his mixed heritage (black and Scots) makes him an ideal lawman. He does his job well until he ends up having to take an accused murderess, half-black/half-Native American Maggie Freeman, to the nearest circuit court judge. Since the death of his wife Ian has avoided marriage and trouble, but sassy, stubborn Maggie gets into his blood. They travel through Kansas to locate a judge and Ian soon realizes Maggie’s no killer and he’s falling in love. Marrying her is perfect until his past catches up with them and they must use the power of their love to fight their enemies. (AVON, Nov., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin