It was with great sadness and joy that I read NIGHT LACE, sadness because Emma Merritt with be greatly missed by her loyal readers and joy because NIGHT LACE is by far her greatest work. A haunting tale of timeless love with characters that step out of the pages and into your heart, NIGHT LACE will enthrall and consume you, bring you to tears as laughter and linger long in your memory. Kudos Ms. Merritt, we will not forget.

While searching for a cure for a strange illness, Dr. Beth Balfour stumbles across a copy of an ancient manuscript belonging to Clan Galloway. According to the 11th- century manuscript, the only cure is the herb, night lace, that had grown in abundance in Gal. Its legend is intertwined with that of the chief of the clan, Lawren Mac Galloway, known to all as "The Warlock."

Determined to find the legendary night lace, Beth journeys to Galloway. Upon her arrival she is consumed with overwhelming feelings of deja vu and is drawn to a portrait of Lawren. Gazing transfixed at the portrait of the Warlock, Beth pleads for help and finds herself spiraling into the past and into the arms of her one true love.

Lawren is in love with Elsbeth Adair, daughter of his clan's mortal enemy. When he finds her in his home he greets her with longing and suspicion, believing she has been sent to trick him into revealing the whereabouts of the night lace. Lawren holds her hostage. As Beth and Lawren battle the forces of evil in an effort to save the lives of those they love, they must also find a way to defy fate if they are to remain together. (Feb., 317 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox