Image of Night Life (Pharaohs Rising, Book 1)


Image of Night Life (Pharaohs Rising, Book 1)

Utilizing the gods and legends of ancient Egypt as well as the Book of the Dead, Guest brings forth a unique and spellbinding paranormal story. Vampire mythology gets a fresh twist, which readers should find intriguing. Keep your eye on Guest!

Betrayed and murdered by his son Seth, Pharaoh Merneptah Seti re-awakens centuries later. He starts life anew as Adrian King, a Las Vegas billionaire. For Seti and his loyal general Rahotep, there remains a danger of falling to the dark side and turning into a reviled Eater of Blood and Breaker of Bones.

Seti has always dreamed of a special woman, but he never believed he would find her until Egyptologist Christine Day walks into his casino. She has always dreamed of a mysterious man and, coincidentally, one of her ancestors found artifacts from Seti's tomb. Seti and Christine enjoy the wonder of two destined souls finding each other, but their joy may be short-lived. Seth, too, has returned -- as an unrepentant Eater of Blood, bent on destroying his father. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith